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VAT of 20% will be added



VAT of 20% will be added



VAT of 20% will be added


To be added to the total amount based on the transport fee tariff


The fee is calculated according to the distance between your location and our disposal centres. Please indicate your address on the enquiry form and we will send you a quote. Order a container

We accept

Mixed construction waste

Wood (including furniture)

Scrap metal

Wall blocks, concrete waste, bricks

Slate waste
Waste oil
Glass waste

For an additional fee, we accept: tyres, old batteries and accumulators, engine, transmission and lubricating oils, household appliances and electronics, asbestos and asbestos waste, and slate, paint waste, adhesives, varnishes and solvents.

We do not accept: obsolete and unsuitable medicines, used syringes, hoses and other medical waste, fluorescent lamps, mercury and mercury-saving lamps, mercury residues, wood preservatives and impregnating agents, chemicals, acid and alkaline solutions, photographic chemicals, powder paints, coolants.

Ordering a container

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